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* For purposes of the VPR grant, a veteran is defined pursuant to CSC Memorandum Circular No. 8, s. 2006, as follows:

“a ‘veteran’ shall include any person who has served in the regularly constituted Armed Forces of World War II or in the non-regularly organized unit in the Philippines during World War II and whose services are duly recognized by the Government.”


Who are qualified for the grant of VPRE?

Any of the following individuals, in the alternative, is qualified to avail of the VPRE:

a. The veteran himself/herself; or

b. The veteran’s spouse; or

c. Any one of the veteran’s children.


Appropriateness of VPRE

The appropriateness of the VPRE depends on the kind/level of examination to which the VPR is applied.


Date of Effectivity of VPRE

The date of effectivity of the VPRE shall be the date of approval of an application by the CSC Regional Office.


Period of Filing for Application of VPRE

Filing of applications for the grant of VPRE is continuous.


Other Policies

  1. Under the VPR, ten (10) points are added to the failed examination rating (which is not lower than 70) of a veteran, his/her spouse, or anyone of his/her children to pass the examination.
  2. The VPR may be applied to the failed rating of the following examinations: cl . Career Service Professional c2. Career Service SubProfessional c3. Fire Officer c4. Penology Officer
  3. The following are disqualified from availing of the VPR grant: – Veterans not falling within the definition of a “veteran” for purposes of the VPR grant – Relative/s of the veteran other than the spouse and children.
  4. Once the VPRE has been granted either to the veteran, or his/her spouse, or any of his/her children, the other family members would be disqualified to avail of the same grant.


Documentary Requirements

For general and specific documentary requirements, please refer to the CSC webpage for VPRE: http://www.csc.qov.Ph/veteran-preference-ratinq-eo-132-790.

Where to file applications for VPRE

Properly accomplished CS Form 101-B (Revised, Dec. 2011), together with the pictures and other documentary requirements, must be submitted to the CSC Regional Office/Field Office concerned.


Schedule of Fees for VPRE The schedule of fees for the grant of VPRE, which covers two (2) stages, is, as follows:

Stages of the Grant Title of Fee Amount of Fee When to be Paid
Stage 1: Evaluation of Application


Stage 2 Processing of Certificate of Eligibility

Evaluation Fee


Processing Fee



Upon filing of application

Only upon approval of application


For more information, please visit http://csc.gov.ph/veteran-preference-rating-eo-132-790.html