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When the COVID-19 pandemic first hit the country in the early months of the year 2020, the Philippine Veterans Affairs Office (PVAO) was quick to rise to the challenge of providing unhampered services to its veteran clientele while ensuring their safety. The agency lost no time in adapting to the New Normal by making adjustments and alternative arrangements.

Despite changing how the services are being delivered and administered to our Filipino veterans, the Agency remained resilient and committed to its mandate of providing immediate assistance to the people it serves while finding its right footing during the pandemic. The bottom line is the unimpeded delivery of vital services to our veterans amid the current health crisis

One prime example is when personnel from the PVAO Field Service Extension Office (FSEO) in Camp Riego De Dios in Cavite reached out to Mr. Ricardo Broas to assist him with his application for Old Age Pension last 30 September 2021. Due to his current situation, the 65-year-old claimant was unable to personally appear in the office. He suffered from a stroke in March of this year and was left bedridden ever since.

His situation was brought to the attention of the FSEO in Cavite when his wife sought assistance from the office. FSEO Cavite personnel visited his home in Tanza, Cavite, and assisted him with the filing of his application, including the enrolment of his biometrics. The immediate family was also advised to apply for medical reimbursement, one of the services offered under the Veterans Hospitalization and Medical Care Program (VHMCP) of PVAO.

It has been a long-standing practice of the Agency to reach out to its veterans’ clientele across the country to extend its services, especially to those who live in far-flung areas. A pervasive Information Drive has been launched and a strong partnership forged with the Veterans Federation of the Philippines (VFP) to boost the outreach program.

PVAO assures its clientele that its frontline offices shall continue to serve the needs of the people it serves while complying with the latest COVID-19 guidance.