FAQS on the PVAO Student Apprenticeship Program

  • What is the PVAO Student Apprenticeship Program

A way for PVAO to reach out to the youth and educate them on the contributions and heroism of our nation’s veterans by providing a suitable training and learning environment where students can experience working in a real office setting and be oriented on how government organizations conduct its affairs in the service of the nation.

  • Who may apply to the program?

Students of state and private colleges and university who need to complete an On-the-Job-Training (OJT) or internship program may apply.

  • What are the requirements for application?
    1. Endorsement letter from the University/School addressed to:



Philippine Veterans Affairs Office

Camp General Emilio Aguinaldo, Quezon City

Attention: The Chief, Human Resource Development Division

The endorsement letter should contain the area of work/operations the student’s needs to be exposed to.

      1. Resume with picture
      2. NBI
      3. Certificate of Good Moral Character from the University/School
      4. Academic Schedule for the Semester
  • Where will I submit my application?

You may submit the endorsement letter, together with the required documents to the Human Resource Development Section, HRDD, Philippine Veterans Affairs Office, Camp General Emilio Aguinaldo, and Quezon City.

If you are interested in applying as a student apprentice or intern to any of PVAO’s Field Service Extension Offices and Shrine Units, you may submit your application directly to the concerned field office. Your application shall be forwarded by the FSEO Head or Shrine Unit Head to the PVAO Main Office for appropriate action.

Upon submission of your application, the Program Coordinator or the concern FSEO/Shrine Unit Head or designee shall check the completeness of the submitted documents and shall conduct a short interview to better gauge which area of operations you shall be assigned to and most benefit from.

  • How will I know if my application to the Student Apprenticeship Program is approved?

You will be contacted via telephone or electronic mail by the Program Coordinator. Processing of application upon receipt of complete documents by the PVAO Main Office takes about 2-3 working days.

  • To whom do I report to on my first day of apprenticeship?

If you have been accepted as a student intern at the PVAO Main Office you shall report to the Head, Human Resource Development Section, HRDD, Mabini Hall, for orientation prior to endorsement to your office assignment.

If you have been accepted as a student intern at a FSEO or Shrine Unit you shall report to the concerned office head for orientation.

  • Whom do I contact should I need more information about the PVAO Student Apprenticeship?

You may contact Marionne Soleil T. Caspillan, Administrative Officer I, Human Resource Development Division, at (02) 8912-1929 or 8911-6001 local 5551 or training.hrdd@pvao.gov.ph