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CITIZEN’S CHARTER  is a document that details all of the agency’s frontline services, including the step-by-step procedures, showing the requirements, time, and fees involved for clients to get what they need.

In 2007, the Philippine Government launched an AntiRed Tape program based largely on RA 9485. The program’s flagship initiative is the creation of Citizen’s Charters for all frontline services of the government including local governments.

The Citizen’s Charter is the basis of the ARTA Report Card Survey (ARTA-RCS). The ARTA-RCS is conducted to check the level of implementation in government service offices. ARTA requires Citizen’s Charters to be displayed prominently in government service offices so that clients can easily check if they are being served according to proper standards set. If they see any discrepancy between what is stated in the charter and the actual experience that they had, they may air complaints through the agency’s PACD or via the Contact Center ng Bayan hotline 1-6565..