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Liberation of Mankayan, Benguet

The liberation of Mankayan, Benguet was part of the liberation campaign efforts of the Filipino guerrillas of the United States Army Forces in the Philippines -Northern Luzon (USAFIP-NL) and the Allied Forces against the Japanese Forces in Northern Luzon. It is also considered as one of the fiercest battles throughout the liberation campaign. The Battle continue reading : Liberation of Mankayan, Benguet

Liberation of Kabayan, Benguet

After the successful Battle of Bessang Pass, the Allied Liberation Forces continued to press on the attack against the Japanese Imperial Army, moving closer to the final stronghold of Japanese General Tomoyuki Yamashita to finally end the war. The main liberation force advanced to secure Lepanto, Mankayan, Benguet but a unit of the United States continue reading : Liberation of Kabayan, Benguet

Liberation of Bokod, Benguet

In the early days of the Japanese occupation, the town of Bokod, Benguet served as a passageway to the entrapped USAFFE units in North Luzon heading northward to Aritao. The town is also where Captain Parker Calvert, head of 43rd Infantry, was forced to concede by Major Giiter who already surrendered to the Japanese Forces.  continue reading : Liberation of Bokod, Benguet

Liberation of Sablan, Benguet

Liberation of Sablan, Benguet / Sablan, Benguet General Krueger requested GHQ SWPA to deploy the 37th Division in Manila on their push towards Baguio. In order to operate the plan, the 37th Division secured route 9 while the I Corps launched successive attacks over their archrival Japanese troops. Hence, the small yet decisive encounter of continue reading : Liberation of Sablan, Benguet