Retaking of Nichols Air Field

Retaking of Nichols Air Field / Camp Jesus Villamor Air Base, Pasay City Nichols Airfield was liberated on February 15, 1945 by the combined forces of the 11th Airborne Division and the 511th Parachute Infantry, XIV Corps of the U.S. Army and the 47th Infantry Regiment of the Hunter’s-ROTC guerrillas. During the liberation campaign, Nichols continue reading : Retaking of Nichols Air Field

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Liberation of Tagaytay

Liberation of Tagaytay / Tagaytay City, Cavite Hoping to continue achieving tactical surprise by having troops on Tagaytay Ridge before dark on 1 February 1945, Lt. Gen. Robert Eichelberger directed the 11th Airborne Division to swiftly advance inland. Thinking that the entire division, including the 511th Infantry, could assemble on Tagaytay Ridge on 2 February, continue reading : Liberation of Tagaytay