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The Seongbuk-gu Seoul Korea Veterans Association led by its Chairperson Mr. Park Sang Chang visited the Philippine Veterans Affairs Office (PVAO) on 22 August 2022 to secure mutual cooperation on veterans affairs management. PVAO Administrator, USec. Reynaldo B. Mapagu, together with the PVAO Division Chiefs, formally met with the delegates in a simple welcome ceremony held at the Veterans Center in Camp General Emilio Aguinaldo, Quezon City.

Seongbuk-gu Seoul Korea Veterans Association is a South Korean veterans organization that aims to protect the rights of Korean Veterans and to contribute to national development such as local defense support and community service projects. The organization formally requested to visit the Philippines, particularly the PVAO, to learn about the services and benefits it provides to the Filipino Veterans.

To brief the Korean delegates about the functions and operations of PVAO, RADM. Jandee S. Francisco, Chief of the PVAO Planning and Management Division (PMD), presented PVAO’s mandate, mission, and vision and also highlighted the programs and priorities of the organization under PVAO’s long term strategy plan, the Kagitingan Road Map 2028 (KR2028). The delegates were also briefed about the efforts of PVAO to empower the Filipino Veterans Community by organizing and assisting them in their projects and initiatives.

During the program, USec. Mapagu cited the strong diplomatic relationship between South Korea and the Philippines forged since the Korean War in 1950-1953. “Seventy-two years ago, the bilateral relationship between South Korea and the Philippines was cemented in history as Filipinos and Koreans together with other nationalities fought side by side to achieve peace and democracy – values that both our countries continue to safeguard at all cost until today,” USec. Mapagu said.

USec. Mapagu also believed that the visit of the Seongbuk-Gu Seoul Korea Veterans Association will be a productive exchange of information and ideas that could help both South Korea and the Philippines in addressing the needs of the veterans. He also acknowledged the bravery of our Filipino Korean War Veterans in fulfilling their duties to fight for peace and democracy in a foreign land.

“I would like to express my gratitude to the Seongbuk-gu Seoul Korea Veterans Association for coming here not just to learn about our organization, but also to recognize the heroic deeds of our Filipino war veterans”. USec. Mapagu added.

Aside from the welcome ceremony and the PVAO organizational briefing, PVAO also prepared other activities to help the Korean delegates learn more about the Filipino Veterans Community. This includes a tour to the PVAO Frontline Offices and a meeting with the PEFTOK Veterans in the PEFTOK Veterans Association Inc. (PVAI) Office. The Seongbuk-gu Seoul Korea Veterans Association also visited the PEFTOK Korean War Memorial and offered a floral wreath in honor of the Filipino and Korean veterans who sacrificed their lives during the Korean War.