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The Philippine Veterans Affairs Office (PVAO) kicked off the 2022 5S Big Clean-Up Day on 24 June 2022 in a virtual launching held via Zoom Meeting and Facebook livestream.

As part of the workplace improvement program under the Quality Management System, the PVAO Big Clean-Up Day is annually held, mobilizing Pangkat PVAO to go through the process of organizing their respective workplaces to help sustain effective and standard working conditions guided by the 5S Good Housekeeping Program.

In his recorded message, Chief of the Legal Affairs Division (LAD), Atty. Rolando Villaflor conveyed the importance of incorporating the 5S Methodology into our daily work routine.

“By following this set of actions, we discard unnecessary items or objects from our work areas, organize those that are needed for easy operation, and maintain high standard of cleanliness by ensuring our office furniture and equipment are spotless and sanitized—for if there is one thing that we have learned from our battle against the Covid-19 Pandemic, it is that good cleaning and disinfecting practices save lives,” Atty. Villaflor said.

Meanwhile, PVAO Deputy Administrator, ASec. Raul Z. Caballes highlighted how the activity creates a domino effect in the workplace. Maintaining a clean and organized office boosts our morale and positively impacts our mental well-being, which then helps us build healthy and professional relationships with our co-workers and clients. 

ASec. Caballes also reminded everyone that ensuring the orderliness in the office is part of the responsibilities of a true lingkod-bayan.

“As public servants, we were given both the privilege and responsibility to utilize government resources that are essential in performing our duties. Hence, as we go through cleaning and organizing our work stations, let us be reminded that this activity is also among our accountabilities as public servants,” he added.

The Division Chief of PVAO General Support Services Management Division, Engr. Valerico C. Lim III, gave an overview of the 5S Philosophy and discussed some practical tips on how to implement good 5S practices. He also informed Pangkat PVAO of the updated housekeeping policies of the Agency.

PVAO adopted the 5S Good Housekeeping Program to strengthen the foundation of its administrative governance reforms and enhance the efficiency and quality of its services to the veterans. 5S stands for Seiri (sort or suriin), Seiton (systematize or sinupin), Seiso (sweep or simutin), Seiketsu (sanitize or siguruhin ang kalinisan), and Shitsuke (self-discipline or sariling kusa). It was originally developed by Hiroyuki Hirano for manufacturing companies in Japan; the principles of 5S translate well to work environment like corporate or government offices.