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                 The Philippine Veterans Affairs Office (PVAO) joined the Security Sector Reforms and Governance (SSRG) Experts’ Group, spearheaded by the Ateneo Initiative for Southeast Asian Studies (AISEAS) in partnership with Asian Network for Democracy and P3M Indonesia, in a talk concerning key security needs and governance on 31 August 2021.

                Ateneo De Manila University School of Social Studies invited various speakers from the Security Sector and other relevant government agencies to discuss the vital principles of security sector governance and development. Through this worthwhile initiative, members of the SSRG in attendance were expected to strengthen their knowledge, skills, and attitude, thereby improving the principles of good governance in their respective agencies’ policies, programs, and doctrine, keeping in mind the need to balance the democratic rights and democratic responsibilities of uniformed personnel.

                The project consists of a series of focus group discussions that will run from August to November 2021. It covers four thematic clusters, namely: 1) Democratic Rights of Uniformed Personnel; 2) Democratic Responsibilities of Uniformed Personnel; 3) Role in Regional Security, and 4) Gender and Security.

                PVAO Administrator USec. Ernesto G. Carolina presented a lecture on the topic titled, “Are the Benefits Package and Policies for Veterans and Retirees Sufficient?” during the fourth session of the first cluster of the series. In his presentation, the Administrator discussed PVAO’s Current Benefits Package and Policies which are being administered to its clientele—the Filipino veterans.

                USec. Carolina also underscored the Initiatives and Improvements, and the Legislative Reforms which are presently underway to help maintain the benefits package and policies for veterans and retirees. The said initiatives and reforms are aligned with the PVAO’s KAGITINGAN Roadmap 2028, a framework that was formulated to address the agency’s vulnerabilities and gaps in the performance of its duty.

                In conclusion, compared to where PVAO was before, the current benefits package and policies for veterans and retirees have been rationalized. With PVAO’s continuous plans to refresh its policies and perspective, a Strategic Roadmap has been formulated that would help sustain the journey towards sufficiency.

                With the KAGITINGAN Roadmap 2028 Framework, PVAO’s efforts to obtain sufficiency would also help boost the success of the attainment of its vision of a strong and unified Filipino Veterans Community serving as a reliable partner in nation-building.