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A Filipina warrior during the Second World War in the Philippines, Lourdes Evangelista-Castro was one of the two female Filipino World War II US Veterans who showed courage and heroism during the war.

Born on July 23, 1926 Lourdes grew up in the province of Paete, Laguna. She attended the Holy Ghost College in Manila to fulfill her secondary education and later on went to the University of Santo Tomas where she earned her Undergraduate Degree in BS Pharmacy and eventually her Master’s Degree in Pharmacy. After college, she worked as a Pharmacist at Fort Bonifacio and eventually she was able to establish her very own store, the Farmacia Castro, which she managed for 25 years.

As stated, Lourdes Castro was known for her notable works during the Second World War in the Philippines. She became a guerilla for the Philippine Commonwealth Army and volunteered herself to aid the wounded American soldiers as a medical staff. What made her work remarkable was evident during battles, she would go into the battlefield, risking her life as she was seen pulling wounded soldiers and provided them first aid. In addition to this, she is also recognized for her work and services during the Liberation of the POWs in the Los Banos, Laguna concentration camp. After the war, she pushed for her advocacies regarding Filipino veteran’s civil rights, which has been deemed forgotten during the post-war.

Her advocacy included providing proper recognition and just compensation for the unsung heroes who fought and have risked their lives during WWII. This dream was put into reality when the United States Congress passed a bill that gave these warriors the recognition that they deserve. Lourdes spent her last days in San Jose, California where she devoted her time in looking after the welfare of her family. She died on December 3, 2011 and was buried on December 12.



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