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When the Second World War began on 1941, Estelita Tiglao of Parnpanga mason( wears old. During the mar, she mas assigned to the First Battalion under the First Aide Division. This Kapampangan heroine mas responsible for tending the soldiers who got hurt during the war in the City of San Fernando and Arayat.

Tiglao-attachmentAside from taking care of her wounded comrades, Estelita also helped mobilize forces in different barangays. However, to escape the Japanese, they had to hide in Mount Arayat without stable supply of food. Unfortunately, she was caught and forced to join the Death March. Estelita dressed up as a boy to avoid further abuse by the Japanese soldiers.

“It was not a pretty sight; blood gushing out of open wounds. It was never eaasy taking care of your fellow soldiers who were being hurt. What is harder is seeing some of them struggling to remain alive,” Estelita recounted in an interview conducted by the Philippine Information Agency.

Estrelita as a teenager back then, survived the turmoil brought by the war. The now 99-year-old is one of the few remaining veterans of World War II recognized by the Philippine Veterans Affairs Office – Veterans Memorial and Historical Division.






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Joahnna Paula P. Corpuz