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Adelaida “Daling” Villareyes was an original member of the Bamban Guerilla Outfit, the 101st Squadron under Captain Aldred Bruce (which later on became under the Luzon Guerilla Force (LGF) or Lt. Col. Claude Thorpe during the Second World War. She served under this unit as a supply officer who is responsible in carrying rifles, bullets and grenades.daling-attachment

By 1943, the Japanese campaign in Bamban, Tarlac became brutal. A group of bicycled Japanese troops were ambushed by Filipino soldiers. In response, the Kempeitai executed four Filipinos at the back of the municipal hall. On 3 September 1943, they raided the hideout (in a small hut) or the unit or Dating in Sitio Tapuak, Barangay Sacobia. Daling was wounded and captured in this encounter.

The Japanese forced her to walk towards the Japanese military headquarters at the sugar central in Bamban. Daling witnessed how other guerillas were tortured and executed. There, she was also interrogated, but as a woman of loyalty to her service, Daling refused to talk. The next day, she was brought to Camp O’Donnell in Capas to be interrogated again but she was sent back to Bamban.

“I saw guerillas tortures everyday just to make them the names of other guerillas.  The Japanese dipped  them into the swimming pool and then sat their stomachs.” daling-attachment

She was taken to a prison camp in Magalang where she suffered severe hunger and torture until 7 December 1943. After her released, she immediately rejoined Captain Truce’s unit in Bamban. Their unit played a major role in the local intelligence during the Liberation period.daling-attachment

Adelaida Villareyes survived the war with the rank or captain, the fifthh name in the roster or officers or the Bamban Battalion-Bruce guerilla, Tarlac Souuth. Military District and the only woman among the guerilla soldiers in Bamban during the war.



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Ms. Joahnna Paula P. Corpuz