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The Philippine Veterans Affairs Office (PVAO) conducted its annual Big Clean-Up Day on 18 June 2021 as part of the workplace improvement program under the Quality Management System. A virtual launching program was held via Zoom Meeting and Facebook Livestream to kick off the 5S Big Clean-Up Day.

During the program, Mr. Valerico C. Lim, Chief of PVAO General Support Services Management Division, discussed the Good 5S Practices that should be applied daily by Pangkat PVAO. He also presented and reviewed the existing workplace improvement policies.

Meanwhile, through his recorded video message, PVAO Deputy Administrator ASec Raul Z. Caballes, urged Pangkat PVAO to regularly implement the 5S methodology even beyond the scheduled clean-up day as it would help maintain an organized and efficient workspace that could improve productivity.

“In PVAO, as a frontline office that caters to the needs of our veterans, efficient and smooth transactions with our clients are our top priority. This calls forth the need to implement the 5S methodology in a regular manner, ensuring that no time is wasted in looking for records and files amidst unnecessary clutter, or in searching for misplaced documents due to unorganized work stations,” he added.

Guided by the 5S Good Housekeeping Program, Pangkat PVAO went through the process of organizing their respective workplaces to help sustain effective and standard working conditions. PVAO adopted the 5S Good Housekeeping Program to strengthen the foundation of its administrative governance reforms and enhance the efficiency and quality of its services to the veterans.

5S stands for Seiri (sort or suriin), Seiton (systematize or sinupin), Seiso (sweep or simutin), Seiketsu (sanitize or siguruhin ang kalinisan), and Shitsuke (self-discipline or sariling kusa). The 5S was originally developed by Hiroyuki Hirano for manufacturing companies in Japan with principles that translate well to work environment including corporate and government offices.