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The Philippine Veterans Affairs Office successfully completed its Surveillance Audit with SOCOTEC Certification Philippines, Inc. (SCPI) to renew its 2022 International Organization for Standardization (ISO) Certification 9001:2015 for the Quality Management System (QMS) for Pension Management System. The SCPI Third Party Audit, led by Ms. Laureen Grace Calmerin, was conducted via Zoom on 30 August 2022.

The third party audit is part of the ISO Certification Process to determine the quality and effectivity of the organization’s pension management system, evaluate its processes and identify areas for improvements in accordance with the International Standard requirements. PVAO started its ISO journey in 2014 and has retained its ISO certification since then.

For the year 2022, PVAO continued to implement the Quality Management System in Pension Management Systems. The system enabled PVAO to maintain and continually develop its processes and systems covering all areas of its operations and services for its clientele. Following this standard, PVAO ensures the high quality of its services to effectively and efficiently provide the needs of the veterans and pensioners.

After the successful audit activities and deliberation, the Auditors’ findings showed Zero Major and Minor Non-Conformities and Observations which means that PVAO is immediately recommended for ISO Recertification 9001:2015 or the Quality Management System for FY 2022.

The SCPI Audit Team also highlighted several positive findings for the organization including the evident maturity of the organization in terms of understanding the requirements of QMS, the effective implementation of controls and the leadership and commitment of the Top Management by taking a proactive approach in addressing the needs of the organization.

The Audit team also commended PVAO for the implementation of the 5S Standards in its Good Housekeeping Practices and the efficient handling of transactions in the Legal Affairs Division (LAD) and the General Support Services and Management Division (GSSMD).

During the closing meeting, the auditors also presented opportunities for improvement including the proper filling-up of the DRAR Form, updating the External Document Master List and in reviewing the DPCR/IPCR to avoid typographical errors.

Meanwhile, PVAO Administrator USec. Reynaldo B. Mapagu welcomed all the findings and assessment of the Audit team during the closing meeting of the Surveillance Audit. He also encouraged PVAO employees to remain steadfast even with the good ratings and assessment for the organization, to maintain the excellence of PVAO’s services.

“We look forward to another year of great service for our clientele. We will continue to improve and we will take the necessary adjustments so we can meet the higher standards,” Usec. Mapagu also said.