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       The Philippine Veterans Affairs Office (PVAO) was conferred with the Bronze Award after obtaining a Maturity Level 2 under the Program to Institutionalize Meritocracy and Excellence in Human Resource (PRIME-HRM), the flagship program of the Civil Service Commission. The awarding ceremony was held virtually on March 2, 2021 and was participated by 23 national and local government agencies, government-owned and controlled corporations (GOCCs), state universities and colleges, and regional   offices of agencies with HR units.

        PVAO obtained this recognition after successfully meeting the four core aspects of Human Resource and Management (HRM) namely: (1) Recruitment, Selection, and Placement; (2) Performance Management; (3) Learning and Development; and (4) Rewards and Recognition. The PRIME HRM is considered to be a developmental initiative that will steer transformation of an agency by developing their human resource management competencies, systems, and practices toward HR excellence.

       The HR transformation of PVAO, whereby the agency’s organizational vulnerabilities and weaknesses were addressed, and the implementation of the Integrity Development Framework of PVAO, among other HR initiatives of PVAO, have made this accomplishment viable. Further, Anti-corruption and Integrity Building Efforts were intensified by the agency. Training courses that instill commitment to public service and develop positive organizational behavior of employees were also regularly conducted by the agency.

        Through the Kagitingan Roadmap 2028, the agency’s long-term strategic plan adopted from the Performance Governance System, PVAO was able to align its HR strategy to Organizational Goals and Objectives. The alignment of HR strategy to the organization’s goals and objectives is best exemplified by the inclusion of two HR-led projects, the Strategic Organization Project and the Learning and Development Project. Through these projects, PVAO implemented an enhanced recruitment and strategy grounded on PVAO’s core values of professionalism, integrity, patriotism, and solidarity.

In recruitment, online recruitment platforms, job fairs, social media, and the agency’s website was utilized from job posting to employee onboarding. Meanwhile, in learning and development, the PVAO Learning and Development Project Management Team developed PVAO’s Competency Framework consisting of 39 competencies used as reference for implementing and monitoring competency based HR systems. Through this, PVAO was able to provide learning and development interventions based on identified priority competency development targets and needs. PVAO also shifted to online learning platforms to ensure a continuing competency enhancement of its personnel. Initiatives on PVAO’s Performance Management System and Rewards and Recognition System were also conducted to ensure high retention rate of PVAO, and to acknowledge the efforts of outstanding PVAO employees.

       Set on a scale of four maturity levels, Maturity Level 2 indicates that the management of human resources (HR) is process-defined, wherein there is a set of defined and documented standard operating procedures (SOPs) established, goal-oriented decision-making, and an automated   system in place.

       CSC Chair Alicia dela Rosa-Bala, in her message during the ceremony reiterated the importance of   having an established and process-defined maturity competencies for HRM. “Being a PRIME-HRM Awardee is a testament to a strong collaboration, and partnership is key in PRIME-HRM. It is a partnership between CSC and agencies in that we both help each other achieve our HR maturity goals.

       It is a partnership between the head of agency and the HR Department in identifying areas for improvement and implementing solutions and innovation. It is a partnership between management and employees, both have to be on board in order for any change to work,” Ms. Dela Rosa-Bala said. 

       Ms. dela Rosa-Bala also  highlighted the importance of service to clientele.  “Last but not the least, it is a partnership between the agency and its clients. The ultimate goal of HR Reform is client satisfaction, we could change our workflow, modernize our facilities and introduce systems, but if those do not address the needs of our clients, then we have missed the point, and in our prime HRM Journey, it is equally important to recognize the needs of our clients as the driving force in operationalizing the HR Reforms we have identified. After all, it is our clients that will experience reforms in the way they are being served,” she added.

           PVAO Administrator Ernesto G. Carolina and Deputy Administrator Raul Z. Caballes, together with Human Resources Development Division (HRDD) Chief Ms. Mariciel Estacio, MNSA, received the bronze award from Director Cecilia C. Villafuerte of the CSC Field Office – Department of National Defense. PVAO and the National Economic and Development Authority (NEDA) are the only two agencies under the CSC – DND cluster deemed eligible for the PRIME HRM Award. PVAO is also the sole bureau under the Department of National Defense that received such recognition.