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The Philippine Veterans Affairs Office (PVAO), together with the PEFTOK Veterans Association, Inc. (PVAI) will hold its first virtual general assembly for all PEFTOK Veterans, Surviving Spouses of PEFTOK veterans, and their Sons and Daughters. The event will be held on 11 November 2021, Thursday, at 9:00 AM via Zoom Meeting.

The two-part program, which will also be streamed live on the official Facebook Page of PVAO, is a grand reunion of all PEFTOKers. It is also a welcome opportunity to reconnect with the PEFTOK Veterans Community, particularly our living PEFTOK Veterans, Surviving Spouses, and their direct descendants.

Through recorded messages, distinguished guests have been invited to address the community to show their staunch support in the promotion of the PEFTOKers’ future plans and projects. The second part of the program, which will follow shortly afterwards, will be held to update the members on the activities, plans and progress of the organization.

As it is considered to be the first official general assembly of the PEFTOK Veterans Community during the pandemic, PEFTOK Veterans and their descendants are highly encouraged to be part of this meaningful endeavor. The participation of the PEFTOKers will greatly contribute to the association’s mission of empowering the community and uplifting their welfare and well-being.

PEFTOK Veterans, Surviving Spouses, and their Sons and Daughters are encouraged to register early through this link: < https://forms.gle/oitsWXzneH68VX2w6 >.