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Basis of Benefit

• Sec. 3 or RA 6948 as amended by Sec. 1 of RA 7696


• WWII Veterans

• Philippine Expeditionary Force to Korea (PEFTOK) or Philippine Civic Action Group (PHILCAG) Veteran

• Surviving spouse of an eligible veteran

• Direct descendant of an eligible veteran

Nature of Benefit

• Payment of school fees not to exceed Php 40,000 per year


• Each veteran is entitled to one educational benefit only

Basic Requirements

Proof of Service: Military Service Record/s

Proof of Filiation: Birth Certificate of the Waivee / Student Ward; Marriage Certificate of the Waivee’s Parent

Waiver: Executed by the veteran’s children in favor of the waivee in case the veteran and the spouse are both deceased

Proof of Identity: Claimant’s Valid IDs; Waivee’s / Student Ward’s IDs and school credentials