The USAFIP-NL Shrine was built in honor of the Northern Luzon guerrillas and soldiers who gallantly fought with the American forces in order to reclaim Bessang Pass from the Japanese forces. This eventually led to the surrender of General Tomoyuki Yamashita and the end of the Second World War.

During the Liberation Period, the general headquarters of the USAFIP-NL was transferred from Alibangasay, Bagulin to Darigayos. Here, a military camp named after an American soldier, Private Grafton Spencer, was established. At Camp Spencer, the USAFIP-NL planned their operations and mapped out strategies for the capture of General Yamashita. It was also at Camp Spencer where Yamashita was held prisoner before he was brought to Camp John Hay, Baguio for the formal surrender rites.

Moreover, it was along the shores of Darigayos that the United States Navy submarine ‘Gar’ landed to unload 25 tons of arms, ammunitions, communication equipment, and food supplies for the USAFIP-NL. This was made possible through the close coordination of Filipino-American forces and the cooperation of the townspeople of Luna, considering that the nearest Japanese garrison in Balaoan was only seven kilometers away.

By virtue of Proclamation No. 590 s.1995, Camp Spencer, which has a total area of 7,253 square meters, was declared as the USAFIP-NL National Military Shrine and Park. The construction of USAFIP-NL Monument was finished on June 2009.

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