Jun 25 2023


All Day

Liberation Of Tuguegarao, Cagayan

After the capture of Bessang Pass on June 13, 1945, the United States Armed Forces in the Philippines – Northern Luzon continued their advance on a disorganized enemy resistance and proceeded to liberate the nearby towns. By June 20, 1945, with the help of heavy bombardment by the Allied forces, the Philippine guerrillas were able to further advance and cross the Cagayan River—seizing Tuguegarao after facing a light resistance from the enemy.

The guerrillas were able to hold the city for three days until they were met with a severe counterattack by the Japanese forces who laid siege to Tuguegarao from the north, south and east. The Japanese forces attacked with a large number of tanks and were supported by the continuous heavy bombardment from artillery fire. Despite being forced back by the enemy troops, the guerrillas were still able to succeed in disrupting the enemies’ line of communication. This compelled the Japanese forces to remain in Tuguegarao, unable to pursue the guerrillas nor oppose the advancing 37″ Division of the U.S Sixth Army.

Finally, after a much heavier resistance on June 25, 1945, Tuguegarao was once again liberated owing to the combined forces of the Filipino guerrillas and the Allied Liberation Forces. The Liberation of Tuguegarao became a crucial victory for the Allied forces as it was a step closer to encircling the Japanese Shobu Force which was concentrated in the highlands of Cordillera.