Liberation of Tuba, Benguet

Liberation of Tuba, Benguet / Tuba, Benguet

The Tuba trail, one of the roads leading to Baguio, is crucial for both the Allied Forces and the Japanese Forces during the drive to the city. The trail is situated after the crossroad of Pugo, seven miles from Rosario. During the exile of the Commonwealth Government, members of the 66th Infantry and Sgt. Adriano Carantes assisted the then first lady Esperanza Osmena and her family to escape. The family of the first lady stayed for a time in Ansagan, a municipality in Tuba, to hide away from the attacks of the Japanese Forces.

Tuba, situated at the southern edge of Baguio, provided vast advantages for defense which the Japanese exploited by sending units from the 64th Infantry, 23rd Division. Throughout March, the US 33rd Division made various attempts to advance to the trail but were met by heavy resistance. By April, the Allied troops kept the Japanese Forces bogged down at the trail as units from the 37th Division with attached guerrilla forces from the 66th USAFIP-NL Regiment made a breakthrough from Naguilan and Galiano roads in the northern sector of the Main Line of Resistance. The Japanese Forces were enveloped at the trail when elements of the 123rd and 130th Infantry from the North attacked them from the rear on 24 April. After two days of intense fighting, on April 26, the trail was secured by the Allied forces.


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