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Liberation of Taguig

Liberation of Taguig / Taguig City

Prior to the liberation of Taguig, members of the Hunters ROTC Guerilla in Tipas, Taguig conducted different missions including the successful raid of the Philippine Constabulary Academy. However, their triumph was overshadowed when the Japanese Kempeitai  Military Police captured and tortured more than one thousand men in the Plaza Bonifacio, in Tipas, Taguig. This was followed by the imprisonment of 300 men in Fort Santiago where they were further tortured and killed.

The brutalities committed by the Japanese Imperial Army to the people of Taguig intensified afterwards. Houses in the city were set on fire, and when the Japanese received information that Americans were coming to Taguig, they destroyed the bridge of Bambang-Tuktukan to prevent the Americans from entering.

On February 17, 1945 the Americans arrived in Taguig, and the Japanese retreated into the Patag-Hills for their final defense. On February 19, the 11th Airborne Division, under the command of Lt. Elmer Howard, captured Fort William McKinley and Nichols Air Field from the Japanese. Lt. Howard sent a letter written by the prisoner Captain Osawa to the Japanese in Patag-Hills asking them to surrender, but they refused and instead, continued to fight. On February 22, American soldiers, aided with canyons and air support, raided the hideout of the Japanese in Patag Hills, and a battle between the opposing forces soon ensued, lasting for a whole day. Eventually the Japanese surrendered after suffering from great loss. On February 23, 1945,  Taguig was liberated  and mopping-up operation by the guerillas soon followed.


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Taguig City
Taguig City

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