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Liberation of San Jose, Nueva Ecija

Liberation of San Jose, Nueva Ecija / San Jose City, Nueva Ecija

During the liberation campaign of Luzon, the immediate capture of San Jose, Nueva Ecija was initially not the main objective of General Walter Krueger, commander of the Sixth U.S. Army. However, the area was a strategic location for the Japanese Imperial Forces’ General Tomoyuki Yamashita as it was the site of vital road intersection for highways leading towards Northern Luzon. The Japanese needed the railroad that traversed the Central Plains to transport their supplies seeing that the enemies have neither enough trucks nor defense from American airpower. Yamashita also planned to use the town to move the 105th Division to the north to reinforce the Shobu group.

However, Gen. Krueger realized later on the strategic importance of capturing San Jose and directed units under the I Corps of the U.S. Army to liberate the area. Initially, the Japanese defense of San Jose was scattered among eight strong points around San Jose. General Innis Swift, I Corps Commander, commanded the 6th Division to attack the Japanese defense at Muñoz, and the 25th Division at Umingan and Lupao.

The attacks began as early as February 1, 1945, and continued in the next days. By February 3, the Allied Forces were able to enter the town of San Jose unopposed. Seizing the town allowed the Allied Forces to break the overland connection between the Japanese Army’s Shimbu Group in Manila and the Shobu Group in Northern Luzon.