Jul 19 2023


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Liberation of Kabayan, Benguet

After the successful Battle of Bessang Pass, the Allied Liberation Forces continued to press on the attack against the Japanese Imperial Army, moving closer to the final stronghold of Japanese General Tomoyuki Yamashita to finally end the war. The main liberation force advanced to secure Lepanto, Mankayan, Benguet but a unit of the United States Armed Forces in the Philippines – Northern Luzon, namely the “M” Company, 3rd Battalion, stayed behind in Kabayan, Benguet to protect the civilians in the surrounding towns from harassment by stragglers of the Japanese Forces. The unit assisted in the successful evacuation of civilians to Mt. Train, Atok, Benguet, keeping them away from enemy aggression. After this successful operation, the members of the “M” Company met up with the other elements of the 66th Infantry and continued the march at Km 52 Highway 11. Kabayan Benguet was declared liberated on July 19, 1945.-