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Liberation of Baguio City

Liberation of Baguio City / Baguio City, Benguet

After an airstrike on Japanese strongholds blocking the road to Baguio, elements of the 37th Division entered Baguio City and Camp John Hay without meeting enemy resistance. The business district of the city was levelled to the ground by the continuous Allied bombing and artillery fire. 500 civilians were found during the liberation who sought refuge inside the Cathedral. Troops from the 33rd Division and the 66th USAFIP-NL guerrilla regiment soon arrived in the summer capital after containing and bypassing enemy strongholds designed to delay their advance. All the pockets of resistance such as in Mt. Mirador was part of the delaying force assigned by Major General Naokata Utsunomiya, formerly an assistant chief of staff of Gen. Tomoyuki Yamashita. After the retreat of most of the 14th Army, General Utsunomiya ordered a general retreat towards north. A delaying force was placed at the outskirt of the city which was mostly annihilated by the Allied Forces. The delay allowed 10,000 Japanese troops to leave the city and create a new defensive line in the Baguio-Aritao road.

The Liberation of Baguio is a psychological victory for the Allied Forces as it conquered one of the anchors of the Shobu Group’s defensive triangle. Hampered by logistics problems, the Japanese also lost many supplies needed to sustain the war in the North. The Baguio front also led to the loss of veteran troops from the 58th Independent Mixed Brigade and the 23rd Division who were needed for future battles.


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Baguio City

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