Battle of Ising

As a part of the X Corps Mindanao operations, the 130th Infantry of the 107th Division under Maj. Saturnino R. Silva Sr., attacked the Japanese first line of defense and stopped the enemy from occupying northern Davao and Agusan. Their prolonged battle prevented the Japanese from escaping through Davao-Agusan road. This forced the Imperial Army to retreat to the hills which later on hastened the liberation of Mindanao from the Japanese Forces.

The troops from the 107th Division of 10th MD were directed to block Highway #1 in the Ising-Tagum River area to contain enemy forces withdrawing before the 19th Infantry’s drive north from Davao. The 19th Infantry began their movement from Davao northeast on Highway #1 towards Ising to make contact with the guerrilla forces operating in that area. The distance of about twenty-four miles to Ising was covered in seven days, against scattered enemy delaying actions and a profusion of mines and aerial bombs emplaced as land mines. Despite the numerous encounters with the enemy forces trying to break through, the attacks were repelled and the mission was successfully accomplished.


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