vfp head office 10% share from membership dues

The Veterans Federation of the Philippines National Headquarters’ (VFP HQ) passed a Board Resolution stopping the practice of getting 10% share  from the VFP membership dues during the VFP Executive Board meeting at the VFP Headquarters in Ermita, Manila on 19 July 2018  .

VFP Executive Vice-President (EVP) Raul S. Urgello suggested that the 10% share of the VFP Head Office  be waived, and instead be distributed to the VFP Field offices . This motion aims to assist in defraying the expenses of the Federation’s members in the field especially during important veterans-related activities.

The current annual membership dues of the VFP amounts to Php 500.00 which is collected in two (2) semesters (January and July) by way of automatic pension deduction by PVAO and remitted directly to the VFP Head Office. From the collected fees, 50% is released to the Posts; 25% to District Organizations; and 15% to Regional Organizations. 10% of the total collections goes to the VFP Head Office. Notably, other affiliated organizations get 90% share. With the proposed new allocation of shares, the Districts and Regional Offices will get an increased share of 30% and 20%, respectively, while other affiliated organizations will get its full 100% share.

The Board Acting Chairman and VFP President, former Justice Manuel Pamaran, immediately approved the proposal upon motion and unanimous endorsement of the Board Members. PVAO Administrator Ernesto G. Carolina, as SND representative to the Executive Board, lauded the motion and noted that the revenues collected from the Veterans Center in Taguig should be more than enough to address the Federation’s operational requirements in the Head Office and therefore there is no need to deduct 10% from what should be remitted back to the members. The SND representative commended the new VFP management’s manifestation of genuine concern for the welfare of their members at the VFP Regional, District, and Post Offices.