new vfp leadership, pvao kick-off organizational reforms new vfp leadership, pvao kick-off organizational reforms

The new Veterans Federation of the Philippines (VFP) leadership, in cooperation with the Philippine Veterans Affairs Office (PVAO), has kicked-off the Federation’s organizational reforms as the Change Management Team (CMT), on 3 August 2018 at the PVAO Conference Room, presented its outputs relative to the proposed Organizational Structure and Staffing Pattern (OSSP) of the Federation.

Attendees of the meeting were PVAO Deputy Administrator Raul Z. Caballes, VFP Executive Vice President Raul S. Urgello, VFP Vice President for Operations Salvador Q. Esguerra, with key personnel from PVAO and VFP.

The CMT presented its outputs based on the “Guidebook for Reorganization for Government-Owned and Controlled Corporations (GOCCs),” emphasizing that the workforce analysis, planning, and cost-benefit analysis had to be undertaken first before the reorganization of the Federation. The meeting also aimed to evaluate and create the appropriate structure and staffing pattern for a public corporation such as the VFP needs. The proposed OSSP is expected to be responsive to the needs of the Federation and will make it more productive and efficient.

The need to restructure the Federation was the result of the tedious audit conducted by the Department of National Defense (DND) Internal Audit Service and by the Commission on Audit (COA) in the past which revealed irregularities. One of these is the lack of necessary qualifications and Civil Service eligibility of VFP personnel.

Once finalized, the proposed OSSP will be submitted to the Secretary of National Defense for approval. The Governance Commission for Government-Owned or Controlled Corporations (GCG) will further approve the proposal prior to its implementation.

Relatedly, PVAO Deputy Administrator Caballes met with GCG Chairperson Samuel G. Dagpin at the GCG Main Office in Makati on 1 August 2018 to discuss the reforms of the Federation. Among the matters discussed is the clarification on the applicability of several provisions of the GCG Memorandum Circular No. 2015-04 (“Reorganization, Rationalization and Personnel Planning in the GOCC Sector”) and the GCG “Guidebook for Reorganization for GOCCs” as the CMT is currently crafting the OSSP for the Federation.

PVAO is currently assisting the new VFP leadership through its president Justice Manuel R. Pamaran in creating and implementing reforms in the Federation to achieve its mission of upholding the interests and rendering the utmost care for our veterans, among others. Apart from the CMT, other committees were also constituted to work on the appraisal of VFP properties and review of contracts entered into by the previous leadership.

The Federation hopes to be transformed into an organization that looks after each veteran. PVAO, on the other hand, remains as its constant partner in pursuing these initiatives that will improve the veterans’ lives and will be an inspiration for our future defenders to embody valor and love for country. #